Fun with Soundfields

Soundfields or 'active learning' systems are really about more than sound. They are about kids being engaged with their teachers, teachers reconnecting with what they love and classrooms that support learning. Many teachers see classroom amplification as a necessity for the student that can’t hear. In reality they are about so much more than that. Soundfield systems can be used to enhance dramatic productions, podcasts, presentations, team teaching and so much more. The question should really be more of “How many can our school get?” and “What else can it do?” rather than, “Do I have to wear it?"

Join us for an hour and learn how, with the soundfield, you can direct and produce and “Old Time Radio Show”.

Barb Neufeld: Winnipeg School Division, CAEDHH, Teacher of the Deaf Network
Lawrence Cote: Winnipeg School Division

Maximum ~15 participants

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